Annual work (so-called “yearbook”) is a preparation for bachelor’s work and is most often required for students of bachelor’s degree programs.

Coursework and demands for its processing

The inclusion of various types of work that can be found in the study is between the seminar and the bachelor thesis, which corresponds to the extent, professionalism and independence of the student.

The length of the course work is about 10 standard pages and contains abstract (or annotation), introduction, main topic, conclusion, resume (may be bilingual), list of used publications and attachments to work. The thesis is submitted in written form and very often includes the title page with basic information.

The purpose of the course work is to teach the student to work with specialized literature and to use critical thinking, to get acquainted with the citation norm, to manage the realization of own research and presentation of results. Another element of the course work is the ability to compare own and foreign (professional) approaches to the topic.

Evaluated is the methodology of work, logical sequence of presented information, ability to write in professional style and use terminology correctly.

We will help you with the year work

If you are not sure that you can write the coursework according to your requirements, contact us. Processors who have multiple experience with coursework are ready to prepare complete documentation for successful writing of a given topic.

Based on your requirements (assignment, scope, form and content parts), the documentation will be prepared by the processor from the given field.

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