The MBA thesis is similar in scope and structure to the thesis. The main difference is the system of study program with emphasis on practice and therefore work is based on practical experience.

MBA work and requirements for its processing

Students who complete the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program must submit an MBA to complete it. The program does not belong to the higher education system, but is internationally recognized and ranks among one of the prestigious titles belonging to business management professionals.

Most often, MBA work is done in the form of a case study with concrete outputs from an existing company or company.

MBA work is usually written in English (origin in Anglo-Saxon).

We will help you with MBA work

The difficulty of MBA studies lies not only in time utilization, but also in financial and psychological effort. Typical representatives of MBA studies are managers who, thanks to the combination of demanding work, study and writing of the final thesis, get into a time constraint and the study becomes a burden for them.

If you need help with the preparation and completion of documents in English, research literature, searching for relevant resources for your MBA work, we will be happy to help you with both writing and proofreading.

Your MBA work will be dealt with by processors from the required field, who have qualified education and experience writing MBA work in English, including a consistent communication option.

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