Writing a thesis requires serious approach, patience and diligence. Each student at the end of his / her studies must elaborate and submit a diploma thesis for a master’s or master’s degree. Writing and defending a thesis requires a higher education law.

The very important elements of the thesis are the choice of the topic itself, the knowledge of text formatting and, in particular, the observance of deadlines when consulting and submitting work.

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The importance of the thesis

Defending a diploma thesis in front of a commission is just one of the conditions for a university degree. However, there is a long and complicated way to defend, which requires a lot of concentration and effort on the part of the student, including enough time. An essential part is also the experience with writing final theses offered by our website.

The diploma thesis is a professional study, most often in the range of 50 – 90 pages and includes a title page, a bilingual abstract (most often German and English), content, introduction, literature search, empirical part and conclusion with discussion. Bilingual summaries are often required. Of course there is a list of professional publications used in the work, a list of abbreviations, tables, graphs and pictures, including attachments.

The literature search and the empirical part are divided into, sequential, chapters and subchapters, in a logical sequence and appropriately numbered. The student presents his / her work which shows his / her ability to orientate in the given issue, ability to use professional terminology, ability to work with foreign and domestic literature and also the ability to use methods in the empirical part.

The empirical part points out the results of research in the form of synthesis between field, questionnaire, statistical or other research, which the student himself carried out. The outcome of the thesis should be a solution to a new problem, or a view of a known problem from a different angle and perspective that is analyzed. The results of the thesis are therefore original and full-fledged.

Part of the diploma thesis is to set the schedule of all works related to the diploma so that they follow each other smoothly. Of course there is a proper grammar and formal text editing.

We will help with the materials for the diploma thesis

If you need help with delivery of complete documents, literature search, or consultation or proofreading of your thesis, we will be happy to help you with both writing and formal processing of your thesis. This help may apply to your entire job, or just to sub-chapters that are causing you problems.

Your diploma thesis will be dealt with by processors from the required field who have sufficient experience with writing professional texts.

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