Bachelor theses or bachelors are the first papers that students write during their university studies. She is defended as the first of the works in front of a commission where the supervisor and the opponent of the work are present. Quite often, the bachelor thesis is the starting point for the diploma thesis that follows it, or the future vocation of the student is derived from it. The bachelor thesis requires not only a lot of time, but also precise and systematic care. This care is not only related to the actual content of the bachelor thesis, but also to the correct formatting of the work and the observance of all the formalities that are part of the work.

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The importance of bachelor thesis

To obtain a bachelor’s degree, a successful defense of the bachelor thesis before the examination board is required. For the successful elaboration of the bachelor thesis, it is necessary not only sufficient time, high motivation and at least a minimum of professional knowledge, but especially experience with writing professional texts, their concept and formatting, which is offered by the portal.

The bachelor thesis is a medium-term professional study, most often in the range of 30-60 so-called standard pages (1800 characters per A4). Its essentials are title page, abstract (most often in two languages), content, list of abbreviations, tables, graphs and pictures and also thanks to the supervisor. Furthermore, the literature search and the empirical part of the thesis, concluded with a discussion. The aim of this bachelor thesis is not to bring new knowledge or new results to the given topic, but it should be a well-arranged work, which will show the student’s overview of the given topic and the ability to work with information, both theoretical and practical.

An important moment for the successful elaboration of the bachelor thesis is the appropriate choice of topic, the ability to provide up-to-date and relevant literature, including ensuring data collection in the field, with subsequent analysis, etc. The bachelor thesis also assumes the ability to process graphical outputs, the ability to quote according to ISO, correct use terminology and of course suitable selection of professional publications (scientific articles, foreign literature, conference proceedings, etc.)

The bachelor thesis also evaluates its methodology and ability to use scientific procedures such as analysis, synthesis, comparison, deduction and induction, including formal and language aspects.

We will help with the documents for the bachelor thesis

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