MBA work

The MBA thesis is similar in scope and structure to the thesis. The main difference is the system of study program with emphasis on practice and therefore work is based on practical experience. MBA work and requirements for its processing Students who complete the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program must submit an MBA to […]


Writing a thesis requires serious approach, patience and diligence. Each student at the end of his / her studies must elaborate and submit a diploma thesis for a master’s or master’s degree. Writing and defending a thesis requires a higher education law. The very important elements of the thesis are the choice of the topic […]

Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor theses or bachelors are the first papers that students write during their university studies. She is defended as the first of the works in front of a commission where the supervisor and the opponent of the work are present. Quite often, the bachelor thesis is the starting point for the diploma thesis that follows […]

Seminar work

Annual work (so-called “yearbook”) is a preparation for bachelor’s work and is most often required for students of bachelor’s degree programs. Coursework and demands for its processing The inclusion of various types of work that can be found in the study is between the seminar and the bachelor thesis, which corresponds to the extent, professionalism […]